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Learn How To Practice Chiropractic In A Model That Is Philosophically Congruent, Scientifically Defendable, Profitable And Fun

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Dr. Jamie Richards

I really struggled early on in practice… but it was through that struggle that I learned how to communicate chiropractic and ALL the components of Life By Design in such a clear and concise manner. It’s funny, because I was always clear on chiropractic… I just needed to get clear on myself.

My expertise is in helping you communicate chiropractic in a way that your community and future patients will care about. If you want to make your first visit or report of findings better, if you want to create an annual review that sparks a solid agreement with all of your patients, or learn how to fill your events and become exceptional at leading them from the table… than I am your man!

How can I promise all this?

Because I’ve created it in my practice… 3 times… from scratch and done it over and over again with our clients.

I love spending time with my wife and family, love creating anything and love being CEO of Life By Design Inc. My passion lies in helping you create the practice that YOU have always wanted.

Dr. Michael Gibson

I love organizing, planing and above all, I excel at EXECUTING. I love seeing my well laid plans bring me the success I thought they would.

I’m passionate about helping you become your most productive, organized and successful self. I am a self proclaimed productivity junkie. If you were to name any book or piece of technology about productivity, I bet I am either using it, have read it or could give you a decent review about it.

So, if you need help figuring out how to make your giant vision a reality or want to know the secrets to building the business to support your dream practice then please connect with me.

In my experience most chiropractors are great visionaries… you see the community and the office you want. You know the lifestyle you want, you know what you want it to feel like…

But… you struggle to make a plan and apply that into action… that is why you don’t have what you want... yet…

But that’s ok I can help. I am currently running 4 different successful businesses… and I still have time to cut the grass, help my kids with their homework, watch their hockey games… and have date night with my wife.

Dr. Kresimir Jug

I love philosophy and the application of it. I can’t stop my brain from thinking abstractly and I love the fact that I can break down complicated ideas into their simple fundamentals which makes them super easy to study and understand… I’m also thankful for my wife Dr. Rachelle who has to let me know when I’ve reached that point ‘that nobody knows what I’m talking about and start speaking english.

I'm the one you want to talk to if you are having head space or certainty problems. It’s interesting that most chiropractors consider themselves ‘philosophical’ yet their application of that philosophy is terrible… sorry if that sounds harsh… but in my experience it’s true.

I’m the one you want to talk to if you are looking to learn how to write and ad that your potential customers will actually care about… I’ve figured out a way to market your practice to your community that will actually have them coming to your door to start care and give you money… instead of having to lure them in with the bait of a FREE exam.

I have an epic love affair with my wife and my son, I love reading and writing. I’m a pretty big gamer (don’t hold it against me) and have a huge passion for playing chess… even though I can’t seem to get ANY better at it.

Dr. Rachelle Vanderheyden-Jug

I’m passionate about helping moms figure out how to fit a successful practice into their family life.

I love chiropractic… I love checking kids and families, and I loved building those life long relationship with people who I had the pleasure of seeing every week.

And then EVERYTHING changed.

I had my son Aristotle and I realized that I loved looking after him and watching him grow.

I’ve since been able to successfully come back to practice while not losing time with my son and I can show you how to do it.

I’ve also receive my PhD in understand what the heck Kreso (my husband) is talking about and translating it into words the rest of the world can understand…

I love dance music, ‘beats’ as it’s loving called in our home. I love design, especially modern architecture (yes I love reading dwell) and I love drinking coffee… don’t judge.

Expose & Fix Your Practice Blind Spots

What you don't know can, and does, hurt you.

Have you ever tried to fix or improve something in your practice? You likely got really excited and thought to yourself “When I fix this issue… there is going to be massive growth in my practice.”

And then it happens… you fix the problem (or what you thought was the problem) only to experience NO NEW growth… Talk about frustrating!

We have found that most chiropractors DON’T KNOW where their practice BLIND SPOTS are… so we designed this tool to help.

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What Others Are Saying...

The ongoing coaching and education, the supportive community, and the value that is continually being added has been an integral part of our continued success and development.

Dr. Marie Battaglia &
Dr. Graham Norton

After searching out multiple practice management services and chiropractic coaches, we decided to apply to work with Life By Design and in only 8 months doubled our practice!

Dr. Thom Green &
Dr. Sarah Green

I would recommend joining this team to any chiropractor who is seeking ways to thrive in practice with great integrity, purpose and passion.

Dr. Amy Robinson

I have been in practice for over 30 years and would not hesitate to recommend the Life By Design program.

Dr. Robert Sasse

If you are looking to position yourself as the thought leader in your community on everything health & wellness then Life By Design is the strategy for you!

Dr. Tammy &
Dr. Peter Hume

Becoming a Life By Design Chiropractor has been a complete game changer for me! It has given me the structure and systems to run a successful practice!

Dr. Brian Lanoue

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The 10 Most Common Blind Spots Chiropractors Have In Their Practice

Is your practice stuck? Click Below to download this free resource to help you begin to objectively evaluate your practice and figure out exactly what holes you need to plug for instant practice growth.