What you DON'T know CAN, and DOES hurt you.

Have you ever tried to fix or improve something in your practice? You likely got really excited and thought to yourself “When I fix this issue… there is going to be massive growth in my practice.”

And then it happens… you fix the problem (or what you thought was the problem) only to experience NO NEW growth… Talk about frustrating!

We have found that most chiropractors DON’T KNOW where their practice BLIND SPOTS are… so we designed this tool to help.


“What gets measured, improves.” ~ Peter Drucker

The Success Surveillance System contains everything you need to know about your practice metrics from which statistics to track, the tool to track them, to what to do when your resuts are sub-standard.

“Our Practice has been open for about 6 months and we have started to hit a wall around 110 PV/wk. This system is exactly what we needed to realize how where we could improve and move our practice to the next level. This thing is a GAME-CHANGER!!! Im so excited to make the changes that were revealed by utilizing the Success Surveillance System.”

Dr. Rafael Ramon  - Chiropractor

Easy, Elegant & Efficient

There is nothing chiropractors hate more than sitting down after a busy afternoon of checking and adjusting to input stats. With The Success Surveillance System™ you won’t spend a lot of time ‘DOING’ stats; enter only the basics and the rest auto-populates. And best of all it’s something that your staff can easily do.  You should be READING stats; your staff should be TAKING stats.

A Tool For All Chiropractors

You don’t have to be a Life By Design chiropractor to use The Success Surveillance System. Through Life By Design we have had the pleasure of coaching a lot of different offices. So we know and understand that there are many different and very unique styles in practice. The things to look out for are very similar in ALL chiropractic practices. This powerful tool when used properly will dramatically transform your practice, no matter what type of practice you have.