It's Not Just Content... It's Training.

Training Camp is your chance to train the fundamentals and increase your mastery. 

Everyone receives the chance to practice the systems, get feedback, correct and improve. This is a hands on, intimate, fast paced deep dive into the Life By Design System. 

Your 3-Day Curriculum Includes: 

• 3rd Paradigm Chiropractic
• Your Brand
• Communication 101
• Your Rock Solid Funnel
• Day 1 - The 3C's, The Pre-frame / The Examination / The Close
• Day 2 - The Agreement Engine™, The Recap / The Problem / The Perfect Positioning / The Solution / The Agreement
• Your Corrective Care Curriculum
• Feedback Cycles
• Creating a VIP Experience
• Eat, Move & Think By Design Objectives
• Q&A
• And much more...

The Life By Design Training Camp™ is held in Blenheim, Ontario at The Life By Design Centre.

Friday, February 26th            1-6
February 27th       8-6
February 28th          8-12
Doctors $1297
Team Members $497
Students $497
*All prices are in Canadian Dollars.
*Price includes 3 gourmet By Design lunches. 

Training Camp was outstanding!

You and Kresimir have some amazing and helpful insight that literally moved me to make positive changes in practice Monday morning. 

The attention to detail and the linear nature of your process is amazing.  I have an entire list of practical, actionable items that I have already begun to attack this week.  And I am already seeing the benefits.  
Being able to see what you do and how it looks at the LBD centre was so helpful.  

The training camp experience was second to none in my chiropractic career.  From the intimate small group training, to the one on one attention, to the delicious food, the killer workouts, and the inspirational people, it was an all round 10/10 experience.

Thank you for sharing so openly and providing such exceptional value.
I am looking forward to seeing where I take my practice over the next 12 months!

-- Dr. Craig