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#120 Dealing With Unhappy Patients


We fielded a question this past week inside our Life By Design For Chiropractors ELITE Doctors group and it prompted a deeper conversation on today’s episode.

How do you handle unhappy patients? The answer is…”It depends!”

As per the usual response, it depends on the context.

How we would handle a customer service issue with a long time patient who has shown their loyalty to our business, invested thousands of dollars and referred many thousands more, is going to be very different than how we address a prospect calling in and not happy with a policy of ours.
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#46 3 Requirements To Become A Master Communicator (& Ditch The Scripts!)


There are 4 requirements necessary to create a successful chiropractic practice.

1. Leadership

2. Team

3. Systems

…and if we had to pick the one most important, it would have to be 4. Communication!

“The successful conveying of feelings or ideas.”

Consider just how important this is to the growth and impact of your practice, not to mention the effect on your life as an entrepreneur!

Can you imagine what life and practice would feel like if prospects understood your objective, patients really “got it”, happily told others, and you had a flourishing community that looked to you for leadership?

It goes without saying, this would feel wonderful…yet the VAST majority of docs are not experiencing this and have no idea where to even start.

Today’s episode is about the 3 necessary requirements you MUST have in place if you expect to develop into a master communicator.

NOTE: This process takes time, there are few shortcuts, but the results are worth every second of time, every dollar invested and every ounce of energy expended.

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