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#128 Is Your Practice A Job Or A Business?


When you understand the nature and intent of this question, you’re faced quickly with a reality you’re excited about or one that twists a knife deep in your belly.
Ultimately, it will also depend on the goals and purpose of your practice but in most cases, when having a job vs. a business…one is usually far better than the other.

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#60 How Business is Changing In 2018 & Chiropractic Should Too


Are you reacting to the current business landscape or are you ahead of the curve?

Staying on the pulse of what is happening and what will happen is always a challenge for business owners and entrepreneurs…but one that needs to be successfully managed.

After nearly 10 years of working with Chiropractors, coaching with some of the best entrepreneurial organizations and growing our own businesses, we feel confident in making predictions for 2018 that will help you be on the offensive this year!

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#32 Master The Art Of The To Do List To Make 2017 Your Best Yet


How many Chiropractors do you know with a massive vision? Just about every single one of them!

How many Chiropractors do you know who have achieved even a fraction of their dream practice? Very few of them!


It’s not because they’re lazy…

And, it’s not for lack of dreaming big…
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