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#62 Inside A Coaching Call With Jamie – Identifying Your Target Market, Determining Your Core Product & Creating Offers

On today’s episode of Life By Design For Chiropractors we bring you inside a coaching call with Dr. Matt Pennetti.

Matt has been a client for 12 months, has completed a full 2.5 intensive Training Camp and has made tremendous gains in his knowledge and implementation of the LBD Retention Based Practice Model.

He’s recently embarked on the exciting journey of opening his own practice along with his wife Lauren in his hometown of Denver, Colorado!

Given the new challenges that face a start-up, on this coaching call, we decided it was the perfect time to revisit and expand on The Lifetime Care Map™ with specific emphasis on nailing 3 incredibly vital components…

    • A single target market.
    • A front end offer.
    • The core product.

Each one is important and plays a fundamental role in moving a prospect to a lead into a new client and ultimately to become a lifetime practice member. Read More

#16 Making Your Team Meetings Matter

How many of your team meetings turn into a catch up session or worse… an hour of complaining and gossiping?

Setting your team’s focus and building a well oil machine happens with purposeful team meetings and trainings. Read More