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#87 7 Lessons You Must Teach Your Patients To Keep Them Saying “Yes”

In past episodes we discussed the importance of a Core Curriculum (CC) for your practice.

This CC would be a foundation to build your communication on and keep new patients (and yourself) focused on the most important concepts… the concepts that would determine their ability to make the same decision you would regarding what’s best for the health of their spine and nervous systems.

In today’s episode of Life By Design For Chiropractors, we unwrap the CC and share some of practice lessons we consider fundamental in our offices. Read More

#45 The Survey Results Are In: The 4 Main Reasons Chiropractors Hate Sales

When it comes to sales, without a doubt it’s something chiropractors (and plenty of other small business owners) absolutely hate doing.


Why is something that is at the core of operating any business so frowned upon by chiropractors?

We wanted to know, so we asked you…

In this episode we break down the results of our recent survey that helped us understand the 4 major reasons chiropractors hate selling so much.

Enjoy this episode of Life By Design For Chiropractors. Read More

#35 Don’t Ignore This If You Want To Be The Best Chiropractor In Your Community

It’s commonplace in a business setting (especially a small business and specifically a chiropractic business) to mistakenly train your team while minimizing or avoiding the necessity to train yourself.

Contrast this with athletes at nearly all levels but most certainly at the professional level who train on a daily basis, constantly pushing themselves to get better and better.

While team training is a fundamental component of success, if you yourself are not training you will not improve, you risk being being surpassed by your competition, and you cannot contribute your maximum effort to your team.

There are endless benefits to building your own personal training curriculum.

Regular and consistent chiropractic training will make you more competitive, increase your competency and make you more efficient so you can confidently claim that you are the best at what you do.

In this episode we discuss why you need to train yourself, how do make sure it happens and what you should be training on.

Enjoy! Read More