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#81 12 Things You Must Do To Make 2019 Great

The new year is right around the corner and it’s approaching fast!

As much as you’re probably tired and excited for an extended break (I sure hope you’re taking one), this is not the time to just shut down and shut off.

I’m not saying you can’t take that path but come January, you’ll wish you didn’t.

The new year is an incredible time for growth, with boundless opportunity and excitement. If you don’t use at least some of your free time wisely and plan ahead, you’ll be playing catch up from the start…again! 🙂

As with any extended pause, we can finally free some space in our mind to create and it’s this cyclical process of reflection, contemplation and only then, planning, that yields extraordinary results.

On this Life By Design For Chiropractors podcast we share 12 things you must do to make this upcoming year great.

It’s a mix of actions we’ve already been doing with some ideas we have yet to implement ourselves but think are wonderful concepts to put in play as soon as possible. Read More

#54 The Perfect Practice Planner: The Missing Link To Practice Success

Strategic planning for your practice is easily the most overlooked component of future practice development.

Most docs we cross paths with dream up their vision when they start practice and yet only revisit it very briefly after an annual “spizzing” at their favourite chiropractic seminar.

That’s not going to cut it… At least not if you’re serious about being successful and seeing your vision become a reality.

If you want to reach your practice goals, you must systematically determine your needs, projects and the daily action steps that will move you incrementally closer to your vision.

You need to enroll your team into the vision and assign actions that will get the most of out your A+ players.

You need to stay on course and not fall prey to the trap of busyness that is keeping you from your dream.

You need somewhere (and not a bunch of sticky notes!) to keep all of this information organized and at your fingertips.

Say hello to The Perfect Practice Plannerâ„¢. Read More