#84 What I Learned From Replacing 5 Team Members


No one is going to debate whether having a great team is important to your success…

Heck, we believe it’s one of the 4 requirements for a successful practice (along with systems, communication and leadership).

What happens when you think everything is in place and you can just let one of the requirements, like team, take a backseat?

It’s the same thing that happens when fitness, fuel or the brain-body connection doesn’t get fulfilled…you fail.

In one case it’s your health and performance that will suffer, in the other it’s your practice and business that will begin to fall apart.

That’s what started to happen when I shifted my attention elsewhere without ensuring this key requirement was being nurtured. Lesson learned!

On this episode I share my story about the past 6 months at The Life By Design Centre during which we changed 6 of 16 team members and took a deep introspective look at our hiring, on-boarding and training systems.

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#16 Making Your Team Meetings Matter


How many of your team meetings turn into a catch up session or worse… an hour of complaining and gossiping?

Setting your team’s focus and building a well oil machine happens with purposeful team meetings and trainings. Read More

#6 The 3 Most Important CA Responsibilities


Every Doctor recognizes their staff is important when it comes to running a successful practice.

Do they know just how important and what tasks the CA is responsible that are the MOST important?

On today’s episode we reveal the 3 MOST important areas for the CA to lead in your practice. Read More