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#72 How To Become A Table Talk Master

Communication is at the heart of everything from marketing to conversion and retention. There’s really not a single interaction on- or off-line that isn’t improved by strengthening your abilities to communicate.

What I find interesting is that very few doctors actually practice this fundamental component to their practice success.

Outside of some coaching that only ‘sort of’ gets implemented or on the Monday following a spizzed up weekend at a seminar, those notes with strategies for improvement all end up packed away collecting dust and your practice never changes.

This episode is about the Feynman Technique for learning…

Dr. Feynman was a world-class, Nobel Prize winning Physicist but he was also famous as someone who was an expert in many different topics.

In his pursuit of knowledge, he was able to develop a method that was also developed into a technique for others to learn even the most complex of concepts as quickly as possible.

This is of obvious value to you, the chiropractor, as learning to simplify your communication (including your table talk) to a population that understands very little about the benefits of your service could be just the catalyst you need for growth.
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#52 What is Hyperclarity? (And How To Use It To Boost Conversions & Increase Retention!)

What is hyperclarity?

Well, it’s exactly what you think it is…being extremely clear.

In the context of a Chiropractic practice, it means communicating in a way such that your patients will understand exactly what you mean with zero uncertainty.

Why wouldn’t a chiropractor or any health care provider (or any person) not want to do that?

It most cases, it’s not a case of not wanting to, but instead a case of not having the strength of character to see it through.

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#42 Selling Is Not A 4-Letter Word

When it comes to business principles and chiropractic practice, for some strange reason, we’ve been taught that they should never co-exist.

In most cases, it hasn’t been overt, but the end product of the message being propagated across the profession (today and in the past) has been a reminder that “service” is the most important trait to build your practice on.

Any doctor who wants to build their practice with profitability as one of it’s central metrics for success is looked upon as greedy and underhanded because the “true leaders” in chiropractic are in it to serve chiropractic and the world!

Of course, we’ll pretend we don’t know that many who profess to be servants would contradict their principles in a flash if it meant more cash flowing into their pockets.

How about we start having the impact we’ve preached about and be profitable, all the while…sticking to our guns and delivering what we say chiropractic is along with the life enhancing benefits that come with it?

How do we do that?

Learn to sell.

Selling? That’s blasphemous! Chiropractors shouldn’t even be talking about selling. What if someone heard us? What would they think?

Today’s episode breaks the silence on selling. Let’s start the conversation and make sure “selling” is no longer a 4-letter word in chiropractic.

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#14 Why Everyone Can’t Be A Lifetime Patient And How To Inspire Those Who Can


Imagine having a practice full of patients that just “get it”.

You already have some of those people, every chiropractor does.

You know… the patients you that seem like they were made for your office.

You have easy, meaningful conversations with them, they come in regularly until they move or die, they always say really great things about you and are a terrific referral source.

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