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#110 The Practice Survival Checklist


The solution to feeling anxious and scared is clarity.

During times of chaos and craziness (such as now), nothing is able to settle our mind like a plan, a blueprint, some direction; and the action that follows it.

The Practice Survival Checklist was built by asking the question…

“What are the primary requirements necessary to slow the bleeding, stabilize and confidently move forward in our business?”

We came up with 6 boxes that need to be ticked if you want to start feeling better and I dare say it, good, about the current status of your practice.
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Chiropractors Say The Darndest Things (& Still Build Big Practices)


I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “fake it ’til you make it”?

While there’s some merit in the concept (specifically taking action even if you haven’t perfected your particular activity), far too often this line of thought will undermine your long-term success.


The reason is, you can’t fake one of the most fundamental psychological states required for success in practice, sales and entrepreneurship…and that’s confidence.

Authentic confidence, as opposed to the superficial BS that most people can see directly through, makes it very difficult for the person sitting directly across from you to deny your position or object to it.

Therein lies the incredible value of The Assumption Play.

Yet another play from The Chiropractic Sales Playbook that when developed, will yield tremendous, almost unbelievable results.

Having this play in your repertoire is one of the central reasons some chiropractors can say the craziest things and still motivate and move people.

I would even go as far as saying it’s THE MOST important determinant in your success as a chiropractor. The confidence and strong belief in yourself, your product and your skills sets the stage for everything else.

Of course, matching authentic confidence with solid communication, a great team and well organized systems (the LBD way!) will give you the upper hand.

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#31 How To Ensure Quiet Time In Your Schedule Doesn’t Sabotage Your Numbers


What do you do when you have time in between patient visits?

Regardless of whether you are new, growing a practice base or run a thriving, busy chiropractic practice… there is still time in between patients in your schedule.

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#13 What Type Of Practice Do You Have? (And How It Might Be Holding You Back)


Do you have a Standard Chiropractic Practice?

Is your approach limiting your enjoyment, community impact and your bottom line?

Find out which type of practice you currently have and whether or not it’s holding you back.

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