#8 The Simple 5 Step Sequence To Teaching Why Chiropractic Works

What’s the number one ingredient to success? That may be arguable but what’s not is the value of certainty.

How do you develop it? Where does it come from?

On today’s episode of Life By Design For Chiropractors we welcome Dr. Dan Sullivan. The Chiropractic Advocate.

Here Is What We Covered

  • You’ll be surprised to know what happened when Dan hit 1000 visits/week…
  • Who is at fault for the low utilization rates in chiropractic?
  • The 5 Step Sequence you won’t want to miss (I was scrambling to take my own notes!)

Stuff From This Episode

The Chiropractic Advocate

Thank you for listening to Life By Design – The Podcast For Chiropractors… The voice of reason in Chiropractic.

— Jamie

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Dr. Jamie Richards

Dr. Jamie Richards is a consultant for chiropractors looking to transition and thrive in a 3rd Paradigm Chiropractic model. He helps doctors develop the entrepreneurial skills to maximize community impact and leverage leadership into profit.

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