#53 Is Scope Expansion Good For Your Practice?

Drug prescription rights, blood-work requisitions, diagnostic ultrasound, minor surgery? 

Scope expansion has either happened in your jurisdiction, it’s happening or it will very likely happen.

Your solution…get ready.

How in the world do you get ready?

You begin by asking the fundamental question – is it good for your practice?

Once you answer that single question, everything else will follow…

If you don’t you’ll be subject to consequences that you will not like.

Here Is What We Covered

  • Why Kreso is happy about the potential effects of scope expansion in his market and what to consider when deciding whether you’re for or against it.
  • How your deficiency or sufficiency in self-esteem will be one of the primary determinants in deciding whether scope expansion is good or bad for you.
  • The issues with diagnosis. Are we capable?  Do we have the training? What are the dangers? What are the upsides?
  • MD’s have a license to do almost anything but don’t. Why not? Why wouldn’t they if they could?

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Dr. Jamie Richards

Dr. Jamie Richards is a consultant for chiropractors looking to transition and thrive in a 3rd Paradigm Chiropractic model. He helps doctors develop the entrepreneurial skills to maximize community impact and leverage leadership into profit.

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