#67 You Need To Live It To Lead It

I’m not sure there could be a more important topic than the one covered on this episode.

It’s the NUMBER ONE character trait I personally see in successful people that is missing in those who struggle.

I’m not just talking about Chiropractors…I’m talking about ALL PEOPLE.

My suggestion is to listen closely to this episode, and if you’ve realized you’re deficient, and take immediate action to start building this trait.

What trait am I pointing out?

Integrity… aka doing what you say you’re going to do!

More specifically carrying out the appropriate action steps with regards to your own lifestyle blueprint.

If you have big plans for your practice and hopefully your life, you know a healthy lifestyle…fuel, training, fitness, sleep, etc. all MUST play a central role in giving you the physical and mental resources for success.

Are you consistently meeting all your requirements? If not, why not?

What is holding you back?

The great news is after 15 years of entrepreneurship I’ve faced many of my own challenges in successfully implementing a blueprint that works and I’ve also brought on a guest who has done the same…

On today’s episode of Life By Design For Chiropractors, myself and Dr. Mike Gibson share our strategies and tactics to help you solve this BIG problem and start living it to lead it. Read More

#57 How To Juggle Practice & Motherhood with Dr. Rachelle Jug

Thank you very much for all the amazing and positive feedback for The Life By Design For Chiropractors Podcast.

It’s been an overwhelming and rewarding experience as well a wonderful opportunity to share our best content with you.

That said, one of the questions we receive from time to time is “what about us?”

That “us” is women.

The challenges, struggles and difficulties that women face in chiropractic practice are unique and, since I’m not a woman, I will never fully appreciate or have direct experience in solving.

The good news is right here at Life By Design, we have an extraordinary woman!

Our guest today is Life By Design Director, Dr. Rachelle Jug.

Since the birth of her two beautiful boys Ari and Vedran, Rachelle had decided her top priority was spending as much time as possible with them.

Once Ari was 3 and Vedran 1, she began to consider stepping back in to practice.

The decision was a difficult one, but it’s turned out to be incredible!

You definitely won’t want to miss this episode of Life By Design For Chiropractors. Read More

#55 Be Like Alex: Grow Your Practice 144% In 9 Months

One of the absolute best parts of my “job” is working with chiropractors to help grow themselves and in turn, grow their businesses and leave a much bigger legacy than they had ever expected.

BUT, I don’t love working with every chiropractor (no offense)…

What really gets me excited is to partner with driven, ambitious and hard working docs who are willing to put in the effort AND do the long work in order to get results. 

I’m energized every time I get off a call with a doctor who is taking full responsibility for their success and only sees me as an assistant NOT the primary cause of their outcomes (good or bad).

One of those chiropractors is Dr. Alex Ritza.

Alex had followed Life By Design For Chiropractors for a few years prior to working with our team. He consumed the free content, gathered up piles of value (and implemented what he could) until he reached the point where he knew the next step was a more intensive relationship and what he hoped would be an extremely fruitful one.

His situation is not unlike many of our listeners, and as such, I know you’ll get value from this episode of Life By Design For Chiropractors. Read More

#53 Is Scope Expansion Good For Your Practice?

Drug prescription rights, blood-work requisitions, diagnostic ultrasound, minor surgery? 

Scope expansion has either happened in your jurisdiction, it’s happening or it will very likely happen.

Your solution…get ready.

How in the world do you get ready?

You begin by asking the fundamental question – is it good for your practice?

Once you answer that single question, everything else will follow…

If you don’t you’ll be subject to consequences that you will not like.

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