#49 Is Chiropractic BS?

You’ve probably read this article or at minimum seen it posted on various Facebook groups followed by streams of commentary.

Chiropractic is BS.

Now, you’ve been told to look away, don’t draw attention to the article, do not comment on it or “share” it…

For many of those reasons, I agree. There’s nothing worth starting an online debate about. It’s a recycle of the same old s&*#.

That said, I do believe there is value in using the article for our own education and personal development.

Much of what the author says is built on straw men, cherry picking, appeals to authority and ad hominem attacks. There’s a clear misunderstanding, misinterpretation of information or a blatant attempt to just leave out some of context.

At first read, the scathing commentary about Chiropractic would make nearly any chiropractor defensive…the author is blasting the profession saying it’s BS, it’s been linked to injuries, stokes and death…

But the deeper you go, the more you move past the easily dismantled arguments and find a source of truth. The likes of which we need to accept and begin to address.

If you find yourself struggling for certainty, feeling defensive every time an article blasting chiropractic is posted or anytime someone you know has a negative comment about your profession…this episode is definitely for you.

Knowing in your mind what is correct gives you the ability to live in reality, accept your shortcomings and grind ahead solving the problems that keep you from an extraordinary practice and out of the trenches battling your (and other people’s) demons.
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#44 The Ultimate Way to Get to Inbox Zero (& Stop Being Overwhelmed By Email)

One of the very first pieces of infrastructure we either confirm is in place or start creating with all new clients we work with is a Productivity System.


It’s simple…before you can begin learning a Day 1 framework, building a sales process, perfecting your table talk, developing a strategic planning protocol and more, you must have the time and capacity to do the work.

Within your productivity system, you will have a bunch of moving parts, requirements and strategies…there’s a good chance it’s your “email system” that’s a massive bottleneck to your success.

Brendon Burchard’s quote says it all. “Remember the inbox is nothing but a convenient organizing system for other people’s agendas.”

The question is how do you make your email work for you, not against you?

And how can you avoid becoming a slave to your inbox and turn it into an area that supports your productivity?

You’ve likely heard of the concept “Inbox Zero” before, this is nothing new. However, what you’ll learn from today’s episode will be for most.

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#43 How To Deal With The Everyday Stress Of Practice

We ALL have stress in practice to deal with it…

Some of it is out of your control and therefore should stay out of your mind but for those challenges that seem to show up far too often, it’s very likely you… or your systems… or your team, well, you get the point… 🙂

Here is some low hanging fruit to help you get started. It won’t be easy, but it is where you likely need to begin…

A. Improve your understanding of 3rd Paradigm Chiropractic.

Many challenges, especially handling questions at the table, start with a poor understanding of the context in which you practice chiropractic. Start with this and a large volume of your issues disappear.

B. Increase your certainty.

There’s a reason chiropractors can say the “darnedest” things and get away with it. Imagine the incredible impact if you had certainty and you weren’t saying crazy and insane things to your patients.

C. Boost your self-esteem.

Although this plays a big role in certainty, self-esteem is a stand alone issue. It needs to be cultivated and grown as part of a lifelong process.

Once those are in place, the skills, tactics and strategies to handle your practice stress will work exponentially better.

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#41 Stop Trying To Save Chiropractic And Start Growing Your Practice

How many times have you heard someone say “The time is now!” or “There’s no better time for chiropractic than right now!”

More than enough right? It’s a common mantra at most seminars and I believe it’s actually TRUE but not because of chiropractic.

Let me explain what I mean and why it’s important…

You can call me a pessimist, you can disagree with me or maybe just call me a realist…. but IMO, this profession is 0% better than it was 25 years ago.

There are a handful of aspects that have improved and just as many that have regressed or totally collapsed.

For all of that time our “leaders” have told us “serve chiropractic and everything will be fine”…..”chiropractic needs you”….

Where has it gotten us? All of the effort, the investment, the campaigns, the attention, the focus that has gone into making “chiropractic” better and the end result…neutral….at best.

Apple didn’t leave it’s mark because Steve Jobs wanted to “save” the tech world. The side effect of global impact came from the relentless pursuit of his values…one of which was his company.

This has lead me to make 2 conclusions.

1. Stop trying to save chiropractic. It doesn’t work.

2. It’s a great time for chiropractic because it’s a great time for just about any entrepreneurial pursuit.

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