#29 Why Your Bad Relationship With Money is Making You Poor

“Money is the root of all evil.”

“Corporate greed.”

“Be a servant and you will be served.”

There are too many mantra’s and slogans in and outside of chiropractic that vilify money and the earning of it.

We have been repeatedly told we must do what is necessary to serve others and save the world. It’s our mission, no… our responsibility to ensure every human being gets chiropractic care.

This thinking leads you down the path to becoming an under-appreciated, under-paid servant who never gets the opportunity to fully pursue their own happiness.

Not to worry, you’ve likely been told you’ll find it in the happiness of others…

At the core, you’ll quickly see your relationship with money is a primary factor driving you down this rocky road.

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#28 The One Thing I Wish I Knew Before Starting Practice

Whether you are a student, a new graduate, starting your own practice or you’ve been in practice for 20 plus years… everything from today’s episode applies to you!

We asked 10 successful chiropractors what was “the one thing they wish they had known before starting practice?”

The replies we received were nothing short of “gold Jerry, gold!”

Listen intently to this episode and do not miss one word from:

  • Dr. Laurence Tham
  • Dr. Dan Sullivan
  • Dr. Kreso Jug
  • Dr. John Minardi
  • Dr. David Fletcher
  • Dr. Paul Groulx
  • Dr. Craig Hazel
  • Dr. Michael Gibson
  • Dr. Stephen Franson
  • and me!

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#25 Why Chiropractors Are Quitting Chiropractic With Special Guest Dr. Laurence Tham

How many of your college classmates are still in Chiropractic? Probably a lot less than you think.

What happened to them? Why did they leave the profession you love?

I am joined by my special guest and long time friend Dr. Laurence Tham to find out the answer to this important question. Read More

#23 Why Reading The Greens Won’t Build Your Clinical Certainty

When attempting to build your clinical certainty you’ve likely heard slogans like “Are you getting your greens?”, “Just listen to your innate.” or “Just tell the story.”

Don’t get me wrong, B.J. was a brilliant developer of chiropracTIC but he was also wrong… a lot. That’s just a normal part of pursuing knowledge.

Simply put, there are better ways to build your clinical muscles than to readthe green books and they all begin with an understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish. Read More