#38 Is Selling Ketones In Your Practice A Good Idea?

In the world of chiropractic, it’s commonplace to ADD extra ‘stuff’ into your practice.

Ketones, protein powders, weight loss, every single vitamin known to humanity, pillows, orthotics, books, workshops, essential oils, rehab tools and in some (many) cases… you’ll find everything under the sun!

Should these extras be added?

Is it anti-chiropractic to do anything else other than a check-up and correction?

Are you tempting the chiropractic gods?

This has been a heated debate among chiropractors for decades.

Unfortunately, most of those in the debate have never paid attention to incorporating real world (vs. chiro-world) business principles to the conversation.

No question, success leaves clues.

What do the most successful companies in the world choose to do? What should you do?

On this episode, that’s exactly the burning question we tackle.

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#37 4 Specific Metrics You Need To Track For Practice Success

Of course, new patients are important and are the lifeblood of the practice and yes, practice volume is a key stat… (assuming everyone is paying which isn’t a guarantee in chiropractic) but there’s much more to keeping your finger on the pulse of your business.

With a solid statistical tracking system and a clear understanding about what each piece of information means you can make better, more objective decisions; you can properly plan for your practice’s future; and you’ll also know ‘when it’s time to fold ’em’.

In this episode we map out the information you need to be pulling from your practice in order to know if it’s successful and trending towards more or if you’re failing and falling further in the wrong direction.

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#36 The Secret To Becoming Irreplaceable To Your Patients

Positioning your product (in the case of this podcast… chiropractic) is a key, yet often overlooked, component of your marketing strategy.

By meticulously studying your ideal consumers and understanding their needs, desires and challenges, you can begin to uncover how to best communicate your service and its benefits to your customers.

With proper positioning you can craft better messages, overcome competitive pressures and communicate in a way that resonates with and motivates your prospects to take action.

You are searching to stake your claim to some key mental real estate in your audience’s mind. This is the space where you, your product and your solution take ownership in meeting these needs for your customer.

Done well, you control the narrative and more of the outcome. Done poorly, you risk being lumped in with nearly every other chiropractor and health care provider in the “alternative heath”, “wellness” or “therapy” realm.

On this episode we help you begin to figure out how to properly position your practice and your brand in the mind’s of your market.

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#30 How To Create A Lucrative Marketing Blueprint For 2017

While the final two months of the year are a wonderful time for strategic planning, they are especially perfect for planning the marketing segment of your business.

Most small businesses practice reactive marketing…when customers are dwindling, they institute an uptick to their marketing campaigns and launch recycled tactics to grab a few new clients to keep the machine churning.

It can work, in fact it’s how most chiropractic practices generate new business. The problem is that “working” is far from optimal.

Without a marketing strategy and blueprint you’re leaving massive impact and profits on the table, not to mention significantly increasing your stress and frustration.

The solution is a well thought out Marketing Blueprint and a plan to start taking action. Read More