#22 How Being A ‘Wellness’ Chiropractor Can Ruin Your Practice

Everyone knows Life By Design is a “lifestyle” program right?

Why in the world would we be telling you this style of practice is a bad thing to consider?

In short, LBD isn’t a wellness program at all! It’s a model of practice that leverages things people care about like exercise, nutrition and personal development to support and highlight the importance of chiropractic.

Done properly, not only is it a fantastic way to practice… but it also builds chiropractic.

Done incorrectly, it can absolutely devastate your chances of being successful. Read More

#21 How To Effectively Leverage Technology To Boost Patient Retention With Special Guest Dr. David Fletcher

Technology can be a practice game changer or it can add to your patients confusion about chiropractic.

It can be properly utilized to create objectivity or it can be relegated to another gimmick used by “sleazy” chiropractors.

Dr. David Fletcher, Chairman of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance and chiropractic tech expert, answers the difficult questions you’ve been thinking about when it comes to using technology in your practice and gives the best practices for applying it to solidify your certainty and enhance patient care. Read More

#15 Anatomy Of The Perfect Office Visit – How To Exceed Expectations Each And Every Time

Given the amount of time and energy that goes into the Day 1 and Day 2 procedures, systems and training, you would think they were the most important of all the interactions a doctor would have with a patient.

However, when you crunch the numbers and measure the potential opportunity to develop a lifetime practice member…it’s actually your day to day office visits where the greatest opportunity exists. Read More

#13 What Type Of Practice Do You Have? (And How It Might Be Holding You Back)

Do you have a Standard Chiropractic Practice?

Is your approach limiting your enjoyment, community impact and your bottom line?

Find out which type of practice you currently have and whether or not it’s holding you back.

Read More