#118 Subluxation Based Chiropractic Is Dead


RIP Subluxation Based Chiropractic.

Your time has come.

No longer will the market accept objectively based assessments, logical care plans based on science and clinical experience, and an ongoing relationship with a health care provider who can deliver extraordinary outcomes.

Subluxation Based Chiropractor, you’re doomed!

Could this be true? Is it time?

Contrary to the belief of some, I believe the market is ripe for leadership and results…that makes a rational approach to Subluxation Based Care properly positioned for the success of the patient and chiropractor alike.

On this episode of Life By Design For Chiropractors we discuss a comment left on one of our Facebook posts. Read More

#117 3 Reasons You Feel Like S#!t Selling Chiropractic


You’re just about to walk into the room to review results with a new patient and there it is… that pit in your stomach.

Does this ever happen to you?

Do you feel ill after giving your recommendations?

Do you almost wish that new person would cancel just so you don’t need to have that scripted conversation?

There’s a reason you feel like s#!t selling chiropractic… actually, there’s at least 3 really good reasons you feel this way about selling chiropractic and that’s exactly what we cover on this episode of Life By Design For Chiropractors. Read More

RBP Daily | How Accepting A Case Makes You The Boss

The Retention Based Practice Daily

I’m happy that the idea of creating boundaries is gaining popularity.

I’m almost positive we can thank Brene Brown exclusively for this, but I’m sure there are other authors who’ve contributed.

Successful offices and chiropractors who ‘close’ a lot of new patients don’t rely on fancy words or manipulation tactics.

They are authentically good, caring people who know how to make strong, clear agreements with their new patients before accepting them into care.

Even that concept, which I know you’ve heard before, of YOU accepting them is powerful if you actually grasp it vs. just fronting like you ‘own’ it, when you really don’t.

I wanted to take this time and record this quick video on a verbatim line I use to open the communication pathways to making a strong agreement with a new patients when accepting a case. Read More

#116 How To Start Your Dream Life Project


One of my favourite projects in the Life By Design Training Systems is The Dream Life Project™.

While it’s much too robust for a podcast, we can get you started down the path to correct thinking and feeling inspired or terrified about where you could be headed.

On this episode of Life By Design For Chiropractors, we share a simple exercise, called the 100 Point Compass to spark the early stages of your project. Read More