#19 The 3 Most Fatal Marketing Mistakes Chiropractors Make – Mistake #2

Episode #2 in this 3 part series uncovers one of the foundational components to your marketing success…a plan.

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#18 The 3 Most Fatal Marketing Mistakes Chiropractors Make – Mistake #3

There’s little doubt chiropractors are poor marketers. “Poor” is actually far too kind…

Listen in to the first part of a 3-part series as we share the the 3rd most common marketing mistake that chiropractors make.

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#14 Why Everyone Can’t Be A Lifetime Patient And How To Inspire Those Who Can


Imagine having a practice full of patients that just “get it”.

You already have some of those people, every chiropractor does.

You know… the patients you that seem like they were made for your office.

You have easy, meaningful conversations with them, they come in regularly until they move or die, they always say really great things about you and are a terrific referral source.

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#9 How to Build Your Chiropractic Core Curriculum

If you want your practice members to pass your “test” and stay for a lifetime to receive all of the benefits chiropractic care delivers… what should you be teaching them?

What’s on the test!
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