#45 The Survey Results Are In: The 4 Main Reasons Chiropractors Hate Sales

When it comes to sales, without a doubt it’s something chiropractors (and plenty of other small business owners) absolutely hate doing.


Why is something that is at the core of operating any business so frowned upon by chiropractors?

We wanted to know, so we asked you…

In this episode we break down the results of our recent survey that helped us understand the 4 major reasons chiropractors hate selling so much.

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#39 How To Close The Room Without Sounding Like A Cheeseball With Special Guest Roberto Monaco

How important is communication to the success of your business?

It’s kind a rhetorical question…

I feel confident anyone running a business, especially a chiropractic business, recognizes just how key quality communication is really is. In fact, there isn’t a single aspect of your business that doesn’t require it.

Marketing, copywriting, case reviews, reports, feedback cycles, and especially public speaking!

In every instance you are strategically moving your prospects down a funnel with the end goal of making a “sale”.

I know that word may be taboo in chiropractic and other health care professions but that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re selling someone on a future result that benefits them…s o you had better be incredible at doing it!

On today’s episode we speak with communication expert Roberto Monaco.

Not only has Roberto being coaching thousands of clients to success for years, but he has an affinity for working with chiropractors as chiropractic has made a massive impact on his life.

Enjoy today’s episode…I’m absolutely certain what you hear will be on your to-do list right way.

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#34 How to Create The Right Marketing Content To Attract More New Patients

One of the most challenging tasks for any marketer (especially chiropractors) is creating marketing content your avatar cares about.

It’s commonplace to fall into the trap of writing blogs, recording videos and podcasts about the topics we think are important and our market NEEDS to know about.

The problem is if they don’t care, they won’t pay attention and they’ll never consume the content. Read More

#27 How To Use Surveys To Capture Valuable Data About Your Market And Turn Leads Into New Patients

The best doctors have the ability to listen to their patients and communicate in a way that they’ll be heard. The same principle applies to the best marketers.

Imagine if you could merge the two?

One strategy is to properly apply surveys and gain information from your active members and leads that will give you the inside track when it comes to your marketing.

Enjoy this episode!

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