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#110 The Practice Survival Checklist

The solution to feeling anxious and scared is clarity.

During times of chaos and craziness (such as now), nothing is able to settle our mind like a plan, a blueprint, some direction; and the action that follows it.

The Practice Survival Checklist was built by asking the question…

“What are the primary requirements necessary to slow the bleeding, stabilize and confidently move forward in our business?”

We came up with 6 boxes that need to be ticked if you want to start feeling better and I dare say it, good, about the current status of your practice.
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#61 The Special Visit That Can Plug Your Leaky Bucket

Whether we like or not, it’s normal for patients to fall off track, be affected by their financial and scheduling situations, have challenges that need addressed or drop out of care all together.

In most cases, doctors or their teams simply let people walk away.

I’m not suggesting you “twist anyone’s arm” but without an honest conversation, do you really know what their ACTUAL concern is?

What if they simply needed to be heard outside your regular check-up?

What if they didn’t want to drop out, but facing some life stress, didn’t know how to react?

What if they wanted to stay under your care for a lifetime but required a different schedule to make that happen.

You can accomplish each of these without giving up the authority, credibility and trust you need to lead your community.

Done well the results can be more of each and a reinforcement of your patient’s commitment to the process. Done poorly or not at all…your patient is all but gone forever.

The “Special Visit” protocol is a MUST have system in your practice.

On this episode of Life By Design For Chiropractors, we give you the basics to get you started creating and implementing this important system into your business. Read More

#60 How Business is Changing In 2018 & Chiropractic Should Too

Are you reacting to the current business landscape or are you ahead of the curve?

Staying on the pulse of what is happening and what will happen is always a challenge for business owners and entrepreneurs…but one that needs to be successfully managed.

After nearly 10 years of working with Chiropractors, coaching with some of the best entrepreneurial organizations and growing our own businesses, we feel confident in making predictions for 2018 that will help you be on the offensive this year!

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Selling Chiropractic With Perry Marshall

Do you think it would be valuable (and helpful) to have a conversation with one of the best and most skilled experts in the world at what you’re trying to achieve?

If you said yes, we agree!

So when the opportunity to interview Perry Marshall, you better believe we jumped at the chance.

If you’re one of the seven people in sales and marketing (and since you’re a chiropractor you ARE in sales in marketing) who don’t know Perry Marshall, the knowledge and the principles he shared, could completely change your practice.

Perry’s rise to glory came through mastering and writing about how to use Google Adwords in your business. He is also the author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing, which is more than just a book…it is a way of looking at your business and focusing on the most important factors (the 20%) that bring you the best and most impactful results.

The purpose of this podcast is to get Perry’s take on crucial marketing and sales principles (which he applies to chiropractic) that you could plug into your practice and get immediate results.

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