#73 How To Get 61% Open Rates For Your Core Curriculum Email Sequence

It’s often assumed that once day two is complete and the agreement has been made, that you’re “in the clear.”

You can finally stop with the stressful ongoing education and no more selling the benefit of future care is required.

What a relief!

Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth…in fact, in this instance it’s completely the opposite.

Once you’ve build rapport and confirmed a strong agreement at your Review of Results, the long term communication strategy begins. This is what we like to call your Core Curriculum.

It’s all the information a patient NEEDS to know in order to pass the tests at the end of each stage of your care and make a new decision going forward.

In a past episode we discussed in general, what the components your core curriculum were and how to potentially implement them.

On this episode of Life By Design For Chiropractors we highlight in great detail, one very important strategy for sharing your core curriculum…email.

Here Is What We Covered

  • How having a core curriculum helps your patients overcome preconceived ideas about chiropractic and solves the challenge of quality table talk in a higher volume practice setting.
  • You can’t be perfect all the time, even if trying to be is worth the effort…a curriculum helps to fill in the gaps in your education process that may be missing if you depend completely on your memory and what each practice member has been told.
  • The 3 biggest challenges you’ll face creating your curriculum and how to overcome them.
  • The exact 7 step process we’ve used to build our own email curriculum that yields open rates of 61%!

Stuff From This Episode


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— Jamie

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Dr. Jamie Richards

Dr. Jamie Richards is a consultant for chiropractors looking to transition and thrive in a 3rd Paradigm Chiropractic model. He helps doctors develop the entrepreneurial skills to maximize community impact and leverage leadership into profit.

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